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Transpersonal Psychotherapy

The Hero with a Thousand Faces


How come I am so many?

Your internal dialogues show the number of unresolved issues present in your sense of reality which drain your vitality and motivation, making that which you call “your life” a non sense experience. This keeps you stuck, not knowing how to find an exit out of dissatisfaction and suffering.

You live imprisoned in a personality style you created to protect the temper of your “inner child” from being hurt again. This personality keeps you away from your core wound of rejection, abandonment, humiliation, betrayal or injustice which is at the base of your existence.

You are completely unaware that when you created this armor, you were also turning away from your true Self and the Self of others.

Personality style: temper, character armor and mechanisms

Along with the genetic information you inherited at birth, you learned from your environment and developed a sense of life through pleasant and unpleasant experiences. All the while, you were creating your personality style, a repetitive pattern of responses towards life and relationships. Form the combination of your genetic inheritance and life experience, you created a mechanism that maintains your tendencies. This mechanism is powered by the unexamined belief system you established together with an emotional reaction tendency that justifies your actions. In a certain way, this fixation goes against your nature, which is dynamic and constantly changing.

What unquestioned beliefs and emotional states justify your robotic strategy to ever changing events in your life? You have some distorted conclusions about your past experiences that you take for granted.

Human Being design


Our organs and functions develop all the way through from the fusion with the mother, at pregnancy, to a sense of individualism around the age of seven which culminates after adolescence. Despite this organic evolution, when we reach adulthood, we don’t seem to acknowledge ourselves as individuals in our psyche and we feel dysfunctional.

This way, the essential nature of our designed experience as individual human beings in interrelation with others gets trapped in an identity distortion. As a result of that, we generate a “new identity” or ego, in a search for a fusion which no longer exists.

Based on these distortions, we project a feeling of abandonment onto our perception and blame onto others. That’s why our wishes reflect our hidden fears of not being a Self and our fears reflect our hidden wishes to become our Self. Through this distortion of lacking we create an illusion of achieving. A self-ish life is what you get when you are not completely your Self.

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is that uncomfortable service that you pay for to Self discover the other is innocent.

Transpersonal psychology is a branch of psychology that integrates the spiritual and transcendent aspects of human experience together with the framework and research of modern psychology.

You can find a more detailed description in the Transpersonal Psychotherapy section.

Transpersonal Retreats

We can guide you to your Self.

Transpersonal Retreats

Are you brave enough?

Transpersonal Retreats

It’s up to you.


Transpersonal Retreats for Self Discovery


At EADA Comunidad we offer Self discovery processes to accompany you to discover your thousand faces. This work aims to help you becoming the virtuous hero that you are meant to be.

El Abrazo del Ángel will guide you through the path of innocence and provide you with experiences to free you up from judgment, guilt and mechanisms. You will then be able to channel the energy of your design to become the creative and expansive Self you are destined to be.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein

What do you choose?

Red or blue pill?
Wake up, Neo! A Matrix has you… Follow the white angel into the rabbit hole…

Let Us Accompany You to Discover Your Self

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Our Location

El Abrazo del Ángel Comunidad project is based in the country side, close to Alcázar de San Juan, in the middle of Spain. It takes a convenient 1 1/2 hours ride by train or bus to get here from Madrid.

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